Taking the steps…

I’ve lived my life as the typical millennial. I am responsible for the bad rep we get, it’s true. I’m all about dat quick fix, about dat immediate gratification life. And though they told me it can’t happen, my defiance encouraged me to believe otherwise…until I woke up 25 years later and looked back on a life with little accomplishments, few goals reached, and utter disappointment. I could (wrongly) be angry and upset with the world- I was, but that did nothing. I could (rightly) be angry and upset with myself- I definitely was, but that definitely did nothing. I am not one to shift blame when it belongs to me. But I decided I could no longer stay play a blame game that does not drive mobility. It’s not too late to start!

So by the results of heart check, I found that one of the reasons I lack focus and drive is my utter and complete immaturity. I have never cared to truly learn the basics. “Too busy (aka. lazy) to waste my time on the frivolous.” I have winged it, backing that my potential will make me a pro. But potential will only remain as such without a foundation to create potential into real-time skill. Otherwise I will forever be an amateur who jokes that my unique art skill is a compilation of mistakes that “somehow just meshes well”. My mind is full of world that I have not yet learned to translate. In my endeavor to focus, I will begin at square one. Blue circles it is!! 🙂 See you soon! -DMA


*Courtesy of the apple pen on the ipad pro using the sketch pro app

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